Periodic Asset Movement

Using Pershing’s Standing Instructions for Periodic Asset Movement, account holders can periodically transfer funds (e.g., quarterly, monthly or weekly). Pershing provides this functionality over the Internet as web pages or on a Microsoft® Windows® platform that can be loaded on our customers’ desktops—it can even be integrated with other brokers' proprietary software using XML SOAP.

Pershing created the Standing Instructions for Periodic Asset Movement within NetX360™ because it was what the industry needed—and our customers demanded. Since its launch, the application has achieved the highest affirmation: 100% user adoption, which includes over 800 broker-dealers and more than 100,000 users.

Ultimately, what matters most is not that Pershing is satisfied with our results—as always, it is that our customers are satisfied.

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Users at all levels can now experience significantly improved performance through:

  • More control over their requests and an overall reduction of the manual processing formerly associated with these requests
  • Information display support that allows for real-time checks that speed, simplify and enhance the decision-making process
  • Custom workflow routing that provides an online, real-time view of all instruction information and requests throughout their life–cycle—available to broker-dealers, their investment professionals and investors
  • The ability to set up standing instructions for federal funds, checks, journals and ACH distributions from brokerage accounts; and multiple and periodic instructions for pay principal and ACH contributions to brokerage accounts
  • Editing functionality for a number of initiator roles, providing for more accurate data in—and client service out

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